Microscopic Analysis

  • Send us a sample of mixed liquor! We will analyze it and return a full, detailed report.

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Samples will be analyzed for the following:

  • Floc quality (including evidences of toxicity and nutrient deficiency)
  • Health of bacteria, protozoa & metazoa
  • Filamentous bacteria identification
A full, detailed report will be provided including pictures, observations, probable causes, and suggestions for corrective actions *Turnaround time for reports is 1-3 days

Sample Collection

  • Collect a representative sample of mixed liquor from the discharge end of the aeration basin, just prior to entering the secondary clarifier
  • Collect approximately 100-200 mL of sample in a plastic bottle with screw top, leaving about 1 inch of air space
  • Foam samples should be fresh (not old and dry) and collected from the surface of the aeration basin (unless otherwise instructed)
  • Place sample container in a Ziploc bag
  • Pack on ice (using an ice pack or ice cubes sealed in a separate Ziploc bag) and ship overnight to:
Toni Glymph-Martin
11009 Eaton Ct
Westchester, IL 60154
  • For non-conventional treatment systems, contact us for the appropriate sampling location
*Please do not request a signature upon delivery as someone may not be available to
sign for the sample


The wastewater treatment process is a biological process. The microorganisms are responsible for removing the nutrients from the wastewater
therefore it is critical to understand the conditions that allow them to do their best
work. And we must do our best to create these conditions.
Toni's motto is “ If you treat the bugs right, they will treat your water right.”

What you will get...

Expert Analysis

Recommendations for corrective actions

A detailed report - See an example here




* Please include billing instructions, address, and contact information with the sample(s).


* Payment terms are NET 30 days from date of invoice.

* Credit cards can be accepted through PayPal. Call or email for details.