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Wastewater Microbiology: A Handbook for Operators

Microorganisms, such as bacteria and protozoa do the actual breakdown and removal of nutrients and organic material in the wastewater. A wastewater treatment plant operator's job is to control this biological process.

This book provides the treatment information wastewater operators need to know. Chapters cover wastewater treatment system overview, general microscopy, bacteria and filamentous bacteria, protozoa, metazoans, microbiology and process control.

"Truly exceptional. This information will be invaluable to wastewater treatment plant operators."

 - Russell J. Martin, P.E., US Environmental Protection Agency

"This manual by nationally renowned microbiologist Toni Glymph is the most comprehensive, understandable, and descriptive manual that I have found for training of microbiology in wastewater operations."

- Amazon Reader Review

Lab Manual

A Wastewater Microbiology Laboratory Manual For Operators

Conducting simple analyses, routinely and consistently, is key to understanding the microbiological workings of the wastewater treatment plant. In other words, doing the same thing (no matter how simple or how complicated), the same way on a regular basis, can be a valuable tool for the most sophisticated treatment system and the most simple. It is my goal that this book would serve as a practical guide and reference to assist you in developing simple procedures to incorporate microbiological observations into your everyday process control program.

"A very user friendly text packed with understandable and useful information. A superb job."

- Jon Standridge, Chief Microbiologist, Lab Director, State of Wisconsin Laboratory of Hygiene

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