• We will work with you to optimize your wastewater treatment system in 3 Phases

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Assessment of Current Operations

  • On-site review of WRP process flow; historical data along with current operations, practices, and monitoring protocols
  • Identify any deficiencies in current operational practices
  • Full Assessment Report including recommendations for any additional monitoring and/or process control changes needed to improve operations

Operations Recommendations and Troubleshooting Guidelines

  • Recommend new, more efficient strategies, monitoring protocols, and process control tools
  • Develop a customized Guidance of Operations and Process Controls,
    for optimizing the treatment process and identifying and correcting treatment
    process failures and/or upsets


  • In person, in-depth, customized training on requirements for optimizing and
    trouble-shooting treatment systems operations, including microbiological
    monitoring and requirements

When to consider a consultation?

        Out of compliance

         Experiencing treatment system upsets

         Sludge Bulking or Foaming

What you will get...

         Expert guidance and support

         Customized recommendations 

         A fully optimized treatment process

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